What Country Music Can Teach Us About Storytelling – Part 2

What Country Music Can Teach Us About Storytelling – Part 2

Break Up in the End by Cole Swindell

This heartbreaker of a song is Cole Swindell reminiscing over the one who got away. It’s all too easy to think about past loves and pretend you never met them in the first place in a bid to pretend the heartbreak doesn’t exist. Swindell takes a different approach by insisting that he would go and do it all again, even though he’d be aware that he’d get his heart broken in the end.

He would still bump into her in the bar and stay with her until the early hours. He’d still take her home to meet his parents, say those three magical words, and share his life with her. He’d still tell her his favourite songs and see them ruined because he can’t help but imagine her singing them. He’d still welcome her into his home if she needed him for one night, even knowing what would happen.

You’re Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins

This song is about a teenage girl, and unsurprisingly she’s looking forward to the day that she turns 18 and leaves home to go to college. Her mum gives her a lift to school, after which she tells her that she’s going to miss the way things are.

We jump forward in time and see her married and living in her new apartment. Her dad calls by and she talks about buying a home and having children. He tells her that she’ll miss the way things are. We jump in time again and she’s living in a house with two children and a dog, and lots of strife when the pumper calls. She apologies to the plumber for the strife, and he tells her that she will miss the way things are.

Good Directions by Billy Currington

The singer is working on his truck when a girl appears, lost and seeking help with directions. He tells where she needs to be on the interstate and where she can go if she wishes to stop off for a drink before continuing her journey. He finishes by saying that if she heads right, rather than left, she’ll end up right where he is right now.

He doesn’t think that she likes him. After all, she has a license plate that literally says ‘Hollywood’. But when he looks up, he sees her heading back towards him. She tells him that she did stop for that drink and, as she had a good feeling, she’s decided to stay.

Devil Went Down to Georgia by The Charlie Daniels Band

As the title clues us in on, the Devil pays a visit to Georgia, where he’s looking for his next soul to take. He comes across a boy playing the fiddle before deciding to challenge him to a fiddle duel. You can probably guess the beginning of the next part: if the Devil wins, Johnny’s soul is his but if Johnny wins, the Devil hands over his golden fiddle. Of course, Johnny wins.

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