What Country Music Can Teach Us About Storytelling – Part 1

What Country Music Can Teach Us About Storytelling – Part 1

Country music tells short-form storytelling like no other music genre. The lyrics tell stories about romance, love and heartbreak and all in under four minutes. Other genres might tell a good story now and then but not with the same skill as a country lyricist. There are a few songs below that support that theory.

There’s an old saying that if you can’t condense what you want to say into a single page or less then you don’t really know what you’re saying. Country music has got that down to a tee. It demonstrates that a wide range of emotion can be communicated within just a few profound words.

Storytelling may mainly apply to the music, book, and movie industries but it’s also becoming more significant in the world of business. Below are 10 songs that prove that storytelling in country music is as good as it gets in any industry.

Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not by Thompson Square

This song is about a forward and feisty female who is having to deal with her date’s nerves. The two begin on a date and just talk all night and while it’s clear he wanted to kiss her, he didn’t have the nerve. So, she asks him a question, which, of course, is the title of the song.

The two become boyfriend and girlfriend and he plans to propose. He goes out and buys her a ring before he gets down on one knee when she again asks him the title of the song. They plan the wedding and after they’ve said their vows, he lefts the veil and she asks him one final time, “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?”.

All-American Girl by Carrie Underwood

This song spans multiple generations in around 200 seconds. The lyric opens with a couple expecting a child. The father wants a boy but as the title clues us in on, they have an all-American girl. And, of course, he treasures her. When she grows up, she falls head over heels for the high school football star, who feels the same way about her. When they marry and expect a child of their own, this time the husband wants an all-American girl, just like his wife.

Speak Now by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift turns up at a wedding to stop it from happening. We can’t tell if it’s the wedding of her friend or her ex. She stops when she reaches the bride’s room wearing a dress she doesn’t think that the groom will approve of.

Hiding in the church, she doesn’t like the choice of music and how the bride is walking down the aisle. When the preacher asks if anyone has anything to say about the marriage, she stands up and declares her love for the groom. The two meet at the back of the chuck and he’s clearly happy that she came for him and told him not to marry the wrong girl. We’re left assuming that the two start a relationship of their own.

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