Using Songs to Learn The Days of The Week in English

Using Songs to Learn The Days of The Week in English

The days of the week is one the first and most important words to know when learning English. The lyrics of the songs are easy to learn and understand because of the rhythm and rhyme format, in songs. Most of the songs that teach the days of the week are created for children. Therefore, adults learning these songs will find them easy to grasp. Children who learn the English days of the week through the lyrics will learn more than just the days of the week. They build confidence in the child as they perform the different actions that can accompany the songs.

Activities and Actions to Accompany the Song

When reading the lyrics and singing along to the songs, there are a few simple actions that will help retention in both adults and children. Using their fingers, children and adults can count off the days of the week while singing along to the lyrics. This helps children understand counting using their fingers. Adults can make the relation to the day of the week and the number they are in the seven sequences.

Get some cards and write down the days of the week in each card. One ticket for one day, in bold writing, should do the trick. Place down the cards onto the table in the correct order and sing the song by reading the cards to give you hints. Children can sing the song and find the right card and touch them when singing. This gives children the ability to recognize the words by how they look and the learn how to read as well.

Problems That You Will Encounter

The biggest problem that all students encounter when they learn the days of the week through song is that they can’t remember the days without using the order. So, they need to go through the entire list every time they want to specify a particular day. The second problem is that ‘Tuesday’ and ‘Thursday’ sound the same and can be confusing. The same applies for ‘Saturday’ and ‘Sunday.’ The other problem is when most English learners pronounce the ‘D’ on Wednesday when they read the lyrics. Mimicking the songs correctly as they will fix the problem when reading the words.

Best Days of The Week Songs

If you complete a quick search on the internet, there is an overwhelming list of days of the week songs that you can choose from. However, not every song is perfect for learning English. For adults to learn the English days of the week, the song ‘Friday, I’m in Love’ is a perfect choice. This song is a popular number released in the year 1992 by the band called ‘The Cure’. The song is catchy and is well-known too. The band is a British band, so the pronunciation of the words are correct for an English learner to grasp. All the days of the week are covered in the song and the days are mixed up as well, to make it challenging for an adult learner.

For children, the mother hen version of the days of the week is simple and catchy for young kids to pick up. The lyrics are straightforward and cover only the days of the week starting from ‘Monday.’ The tune is simple and neat, and any child will be able to hit the notes with ease. When children have to answer the questions, ‘What Day is It?’ and need to run through a list to specify a day, this song is an easy list to use. They can quickly run through the list in their minds and answer.

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