Top Websites That Use Lyrics To Teach English

Top Websites That Use Lyrics To Teach English

Many professional English teachers use music to teach English in the classroom. Music is a universal tongue that brings together people of different races and ethnicities. Learning English through music can seem like an easy task. However, without the right tools and a structured plan, the learning curve would be very skewed. The first thing a student will need is a dictionary online, to find out the meaning of the lyrics. However, most of the websites listed don’t need you to have a dictionary. The teaching is clear, engaging and effective. The ability to be able to join in discussions and forums on the website is an added plus when students are attempting to learn English, away from a classroom setting.

EFL Club

This website is a very basic one and a perfect place to start learning English. Students who have used this website, find that it is less daunting and has just the right dose of information. The site has two sets of song lyrics. The songs with the word list are the place to start. Once the songs have been mastered, the students can attempt to sing the same song without the word list. By keeping the entire list of songs to 6, the website can provide enough resources to get started and progress well for a student.

My Pop Studio

This website brings fun to learning music. Students who are young find My Pop Studio very engaging, and the activities are fabulous. The site needs flash to run appropriately and gives students the ability to record themselves in a fun and interactive way. The page contains tabs that provide users, the ability to interact in different ways. English Learners can also see their progress in their learning. The website requires a registration to proceed. The registered user gets to interact with other learners, and the signup is free.

Mondos Song Learning

This one is a neat and simple blog website that has many exciting ways to teach English through music. New material is published every week on Mondos, and the course is specifically tailored to teach English through lyrics. Phonetics, Linguistics and Culture is the focus of the course. The course on the website is tailored to help students listen and practice the right pronunciation of the English words. Study words and phrases that are covered in the class, help students relate to the words on a personal level. The posts contain printable cloze activities that the students can use in the comfort of their own home.

The Educational Technology in ELT

This blog site is probably the best and the most exciting website that teaches English through music. The number of activities and innovative ways you can learn English through music, on this website, is vast. The activities and other websites and technological resources are specified on this website. These resources are a compiled list of tools that use technology and lyrics to teach students English. Specific songs and a proper course are outlined for students who wish to use the blog to learn English in a fun and straightforward way.

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