Singing Impressions to Learn Accents and Pronunciation

Singing Impressions to Learn Accents and Pronunciation

English spoken in the United Kingdom sounds a lot different than the English that the American speak. The same goes for any country where English is spoken as the official language. The different English accents are a way you can identify where the person originates from. Learning English to fit an accent is tricky. If you wish to learn English to be able to converse in your own country, then you would need to adopt the accent of the locals in your country. If the purpose of learning English is for business and work, then tweaking your accent to fit the other person will be essential.

English music from different countries sound different. Depending on the artist, the words sound different but mean the same when inferred. The best English accent to adopt would be the British. After all they are the creators of the language.

What’s the Big Difference

There is a big difference in learning English in the right accent. The biggest difference is in the pronunciation and the local slang. Depending on the use, words and phrases can have different meanings in different countries. For example, “John” means the toilet in America whereas it is simply a name in England and the rest of the world.

Lyrics in English can also be very confusing, depending on the country the artists are from. Therefore, choose songs by the artists from the country you want to learn English from. Adele, Ed Sheeran, Lennon, etc are amazing artists that maintain their accent in their singing. These artists are from UK and will teach you English the right way, with the pronunciation that is fit for formal use.

Music by artists from America have a lot of local slang that the Americans use. These are great for people who want to learn English so that they can converse with people in the US for work. The Australian accent is also a very different accent and contains a lot of local slang words that the rest of the world does not use. The Scottish English accent might even sound completely different from the English language. Their pronunciations of the same English words are very different and takes some getting used to. Singers from the different countries try and neutralise the accent when they sing, but it is not always possible.

The Importance of Pronunciation

Many English teachers do not believe that pronunciation is important at all. They focus on the words and allow people to pronounce it, the way they feel fit. Students who learn to pronounce from several songs develop a mixture of accents, when they pronounce the words. However, pronunciation is very important when you learn to speak English. First off, pronouncing a word differently than the right way it is pronounced with the local accent, can be embarrassing. People would make fun of you and this, could mean the end to your journey to learn English.

Secondly, if everything you have learnt is spot on, badly pronounced words can be very dangerous. Imagine describing “the beach” to someone only to be understood as describing a female dog. While some people might find you funny, not everyone will. Thirdly, if you are learning English for work purposes, then bad pronunciation that your colleague does not understand, will make you a victim of racist comments. Therefore, when learning English through music, make the right choice and follow the right artists.

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