Rap Music’s Influence on English Vocabulary, Grammer and Fluency

Rap Music’s Influence on English Vocabulary, Grammer and Fluency

Incorporating music into English learning lessons is a modern and more effective way to learn the language. Different genres of music can be used to learn the language. Rap music’s quick pace and unique vocabulary is wonderful for those learners who wish to learn slang and sound like a local when conversing with other English speakers.

How to Get Started

The reason why rap songs are great tools for English learning, is because of the need to pay attention. English learners find that they must pay close attention to the lyrics, to be able to sing along. Use your favourite search engine and look for the lyrics, of the rap songs that appeal to you. Play the rap song a few times and try and sing along.

Many of words stick out differently in rap music and automatically, urgers the learner to look up the meaning of the words. This kindles interest in the language and the song as well. Of course, being able to master and sing along to rap music, is also a huge achievement and often praised by other listeners. Writing down the lyrics without looking at them online, and by just listening is a great way to practice your skills.

There are a few songs that are great for English learners. These songs are from different eras and are by popular artists, that you possibly might have heard of. These artists are influencers and creators of new slang. Many of their lyrics contain slang that is used even today. Learning English by the way the words sound as opposed to what it really means, is a quick and easy way to learn the words. The technique is called as sound morphing. You can further your English learning, by recording how you sound and play back to see your progress.

Empire State of Mind

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys came up with this song to show respect for their favourite American city – New York. The song talks about the mood and attitude that comes with being in the city. The song has a lot of popular locations in New York mentioned in the song and slang words that are local to the city too.

All Salt-n-Pepa Songs

The American hip-hop tri band are also New York based and have a lot of popular songs that are perfect to use, to learn English. This all female rap band have been popular since the 1980s. Their songs have been on the Billboards and chances are that you have heard at least one of their famous singles. The slang used in the songs, lay the base for many of the slang words that are used today.

T.I’s Songs

A great artist that can be used to learn Perfect Modals by T.I. The American rapper is multi-talented and doubles up as an actor, producer and even an entrepreneur. Being one of the most popular rappers in Atlanta, the rapper’s songs are well known for his choice of words and flair in coming up with slang that is loved by all. His songs are a good choice for learning English grammar.

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