Learning the Proper Use of Punctuations with the Punctuation Song

Learning the Proper Use of Punctuations with the Punctuation Song

Speaking and learning English by pausing and stopping at the right places to take a breath is vital. While punctuation is thought to play an important role when writing English, it can also help in effectively communicating the message through speech. The punctuation song is perfect to understand how and when punctuation marks should be used. Out of the fourteen different punctuation marks in common English, only four are most important and is used extensively. The basic marks needed to read and understand lyrics or text is covered in the song. The easy to learn tune covers:

  • Comma
  • Question
  • Period, and
  • Exclamation

These main punctuation marks if not used properly can completely change the meaning of the sentence or even make it sound like nonsense.


The use of the comma is to tell the reader to take a breath. In the song lyrics, the comma is described as a mark to indicate that the reader should slow down. Commas are also used to separate ideas and clauses in a sentence. The right use of a comma is soon after a word, followed by a space, before starting the next word. A complex use of the comma, which is seen in a lot of lyrics, is when you add a question tag to the same sentence.

Question Mark

In the punctuation song, the lyrics explain that this mark is used when asking a question. The proper use of the question mark is at the end of the sentence that starts with when, where, how, what, why or who. Another way a question mark can be used is when an indirect question has been asked. Sometimes, the use of multiple question marks in quick succession is used in lyrics. This is to show an expression of surprise or excitement. Multiple question marks, or even using a question mark along with an exclamation mark means the same. This is fine only in casual writing.


The period is a very important punctuation mark and tells the reader when the sentence has ended. In the song, the lyrics explain that the period tells the reader where to stop. Often, writers use long sentences with multiple commas littered in them. These sentences can be exhausting to read, and the reader has to keep their attention without a break. It is important to break words into multiple sentences with the use of a period. Periods are used at the end of a sentence, soon after the last word; where a question mark or exclamation mark is not used. Only parentheses or a closing quotation mark can appear after a period.

Exclamation Mark

The song describes the meaning of the mark as being used to express a strong feeling like shouting or yelling. An exclamation mark can be used along with a question mark in casual writing to indicate a surprising question. Multiple exclamation marks are used to magnify the act of shouting or yelling the sentence to the reader, to show its importance.

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