Learn Family Relationship Names in English Through Songs

Learn Family Relationship Names in English Through Songs

When conversing in English, there are times when the conversation gets personal. Times like these, you would have to talk about your immediate or extended family members to the person you are conversing with. Lyrics for songs that teach you about your family members are easy to come by. However, you will need to combine a few activities and use these lyrics effectively, to learn the language. There are different ways the songs can be used to teach adults and children.

Teaching Children About Family Members Through Song

Draw finger puppets on your fingers to closely resemble a family member. For example, you can draw a face with a mustache to depict a father or a figure with long hair to signify a mother. When singing the song, wave the finger with the corresponding puppet to reinforce the words. Children like the idea of dolls and actions, more than they like reading. Therefore, this method is an effective method for kids.

Children can be trained with the help of photographs or pictures of the different family members as well. The image can have the name of the member written under it. So, when singing the song, the child will be able to make the relation to the image and the word, mentioned in the lyrics. The song can be followed up with a round of trivia for the kids to identify the members by themselves. Older children can attempt writing the words in a worksheet. Getting children involved in building their family tree after learning the song is a great way to keep them engaged.

Adults Learning Relationships Through Song

When adults learn about family members through lyrics, they find it easier than children do. Adults can make the relation to pictures easy, and while the picture and word format can be used, a more challenging way to learn will be through rewriting the lyrics. Listen to the song and attempt to write the words of the song in the language you already know. Pick out the words that describe the family members, and write the corresponding word, in your writing, under it. This provides a clear understanding of what the lyric means and the English word for it, in your language you understand.

Several favorite songs describe family members in the lyrics. If you are learning about a father and daughter relationship, songs such as ‘Butterfly Kisses’ or ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ are good, catchy choices. ‘We are Family’ by Sister Sledge is the perfect choice when learning about a family in general. Other song choices are Uncle Johnny, 7 Years, Father Figure, Oh Mother or Keep the Family Close. These songs can be used for those who are hearing impaired and would need to use Lip Reading or Sign Language to learn in English. The songs can be accompanied by creative games to retain the information acquired. Games that involve both singing and actions are a great addition to the learning pattern.

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