Learn English By Using Lyrics of Famous TV Commercials

Learn English By Using Lyrics of Famous TV Commercials

The media industry around the world has been exploding with content that captures the interest of the target audience. The marketing material that is developed is made to specifically, sound and look very captivating and easy to retain in mind. If you are a regular television or internet user, the chances are that you probably are humming a commercial than a famous song, at times. A lot of money is invested in commercials, and the marketing team knows exactly what it takes to make the video, song, and lyrics interesting.

The concise videos that combine exciting words and video is a great tool to learn English. The commercials also have a bit of culture and folk included in it, making it perfect for learning more than just English. The words that are used in the lyrics of the commercials are also trended setters. Popular slang is also introduced through commercials. The good thing about commercials is that the videos and the lyrics are encouraged to be shared.

Finding the Right Commercials

The best way to find the commercial that will help with language learning is first to define the objective of what you want to learn. You can also design easy games depending on what you learn, to retain the knowledge. Choose commercials that have good grammar and vocabulary weaved into the lyrics. This helps in learning the proper use of the words. Popular commercials such as ones by Mercedes, Cadbury, Pepsi, Budweiser, etc. are great choices.

Choosing commercials based on the type of accents and voices used when recording will improve listening skills. Most often the commercials do not have subtitles. This can prove to be beneficial in trying to make out the words and understand their meaning. The video in commercials is great to help with understanding what is being said. Some commercials have their lyrics posted by enthusiasts, but to learn English, it is better first to attempt to understand yourself first.

Activities to Accompany Learning English Through Commercials

Make up several activities that can be done when studying a commercial. Activities can be set to be done before, during and after the commercial has played. This pattern will make sure that the commercial is used as a proper resource to learn English. Sometimes, you might encounter words that are in a native language in the lyrics, and you will be able to identify them when you begin working on the lyrics.

For example, before the commercial plays, you can make a list of things to expect when you see the brand. During the commercial, have a paper and pen handy and attempt to write down the lyrics of the commercial. Playing the commercial several times will not be a problem as most commercials are 30 seconds long; a perfect size to replay over again. A quick internet search after attempting to write the lyrics will confirm the words you managed to get right. After this exercise, humming the song throughout the day is as easy as the words and the size of the music are short.

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