How Music And Lyrics Can Help You Learn English

How Music And Lyrics Can Help You Learn English

You don’t have to be uniquely talented to know the ‘universal’ language of music. The rhythm and rhyme that accompanies a music piece is what humans are conditioned to understand from infancy. Using music to learn the English language is a nifty way to fun-learning experiences.

Popular (Pop) music has a positive impact on culture and trends and can be used as an effective tool. When words are weaved into lyrics, their meaning and relevance is easier for anyone to understand. Simply reading lyrics and singing along to popular songs is a great way to improve your English vocabulary.

What Can You Expect To Learn

Turn on your radio and you will soon pick up a few words that are repeated over and over again. Learning fun phrases, popular slang words, fun-culture and pronunciation is easy this way. When used as a learning tool, music has everything that is required to help the listener retain what is learnt. What popular music can teach you in three minutes through rhythm and rhyme, you might never learn in three months in a classroom.

The understanding and proper usage of English Grammar is a tricky process. Using music, reinforcing the proper usage of the language, without grammatical errors, is easy. The active listener, over time, will be able to speak and write fluently without mistakes too.

Using Lyrics and Popular Songs

One of the best ways to learn anything is by using as many senses as possible. When you learn English through music you are actively listening, reading and singing along to the songs. This will help you achieve results faster. Many words sound the same but are spelt different. Some words sound different but have the same spelling. Reading the lyrics before you listen to a song is a great way to make the relation between sounds and words.

Fire up your favorite music video app or website such as or, look for songs that have the lyrics displayed on screen. Alternatively, a music lyrics database along side a song can work. Singing or even attempting to sing along to the song with the lyrics in front of you is a good way to start. Do this a few times and you will be well on your way to knowing the song by heart, learning a few words, understanding the context and learning some popular phrases.

Paying Attention

Singing along, reading the words and keeping in tune with the song is one thing, however, paying close attention to the little nuances is important. Make it your mission to recognize the pronunciation of different words in songs.

Paying close attention to the song will also give you an idea of the different ways Spoken-English works and music in the form of poetry works. Writing down the lyrics from memory or by the way they sound will help in reaching your goal faster too. More than anything, music is fun. So, have fun while you learn music and English. Stay assured that you would take away a lot more from your music sessions than just learning English.

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