How Foreign Students Can Learn English Through Lyrics

How Foreign Students Can Learn English Through Lyrics

Speaking and understanding English is an important skill to master for a student in an English-speaking country. Foreign students find it tough to even make friends or socialize with the natives because of the language barrier. This is where music and lyrics can help. Active listening skills and being able to tell the difference in sounds are other skills that a student will develop through music and lyrics.

Find the Right Song

A song that appeals to you in melody and rhythm is the first thing you need to identify. You might not understand what it means, however, choosing a song that you like, by the way it sounds, gives the learner a sense of accepting the learning pattern. Once you find your favourite song, begin researching the background of the song.

Start with writing down the title of the song, the singer and the style of music. Next, write a short description about what you understand the song to be about. Making the description as detailed as possible is the best approach. After this, listen to the entire song again and enjoy it.

Learning Vocabulary

Find the lyrics of the song that you are working on and read through. Make a quick note of all the words that you do not understand in the lyrics. Find the meaning of the words and write them down. You can take it a step further and see if you can find the antonym of the words. Listen to another song on the radio or YouTube that appeals to you and identify the words that you have made a note of, or the closest word. Your vocabulary is strengthened when you translate the words and write the meaning of the word in your native language, for reference.

Mastering English Grammar

Find all the verbs in the lyrics that you have written down and highlight them. Do the same with nouns, adverbs and adjectives. Chances are that you might not know all the answers to this. Therefore, use the internet for help and look up the type of word you are working with. Punctuations, singular, plural and gender are some of the other grammar identification points that you can cover.

Listening Comprehension

Play the song and write down the lyrics without cheating. This helps in improving your listening comprehension as a student. At the end of the song, mark yourself and see how many lines you got right. For every mistake, give yourself a penalty and for every correct line, give yourself a reward. Ask a friend to quiz you on the words you picked out to make it interesting.


It is easy to pick up the pronunciation of words from song lyrics. Try a karaoke version of the song and try to sing along to the music. If you are unable to form the words, go back to listening to the song. Alternatively, you can listen to the song on your headphones and singalong till you have perfected it to try the karaoke version.

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