Helping Children Learn English Through Lyrics

Helping Children Learn English Through Lyrics

Children find it very easy to learn any language. The linguistic capabilities of children are much higher than adults. Their cognitive and early learning developmental skills are tuned to grasp anything. Their ability is the reason why children can adapt to a new country or a new language setting easier than adults. Parents who want their children to learn English better being in a non-English speaking country will find that there are readily available resources that can help. However, the first thing any parent or teacher, who wants to teach kids should realize, is that children need a structured plan. The formal plan should involve the use of several motor and cognitive skills to reinforce the lyrics.

English Rhymes

The easiest and the most popular way to teach kids is to use rhythm and rhyme. English rhymes are easy to remember. The use of simple actions in the rhymes make the lyrics easier to understand for a young child. Depending on the child’s age, their ability to read should first be taken into consideration. If the child can read a few words in the native tongue, then introducing the child to the alphabets in English should be the first step. The alphabet songs on the internet all have subtitles for the lyrics and suitable actions to explain the meaning of the words.

Playing English Songs in The Car

Driving around town with the kids is a great way to connect with them. Apart from getting to know a little more about them, parents can use the time to teach their kids English too. Several sing-along songs are great for kids. Kids are good with remembering how the way words sound and even if they don’t know how words look like when reading lyrics, they would be able to mimic the sound. Their ability to convey with actions and the sounds of the words are far superior to adults.

English Cartoons and Shows

Subscribing to television channels that showcase English cartoons and shows for kids is a good idea. Many of the animated kids shows in English, display the lyrics on the screen and teach kids the meaning for it through actions. The kids would be able to relate the words to the actions and learn English effectively. English cartoons are available on Netflix and on Amazon Prime all around the world for those who don’t have English channels.

Popular English Songs

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Children pick up songs on the radio well. They are excellent performers and their ability to coordinate sound and dance is good. Teaching kids the lyrics of the song wont be a problem as they would easily mimic the sounds of the words. In fact, the many YouTube videos have English songs with subtitles in them, that children can read along and sing with. Even adults can learn English the same way or teach the kids the right word and what they mean. Beware of profane slang and abusive language that many popular English songs contain. As kids tend to pick them up just as easily.

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