Dubsmash, Musically and Smule Apps as English Learning Tools

Dubsmash, Musically and Smule Apps as English Learning Tools

Thousands of apps are being created every day, for both iOS and Android devices. Music being one of the most popular form of entertainment, has hogged the attention of app creators. When combining social media, music and mobile apps, users can showcase their talents. In recent years, there has been a remarkable rise in the number of Karaoke apps, that people have been showing a huge liking to. While Musical.ly and Smule are purely music and song apps; Dubsmash includes popular movie and TV show dialogues, as part of their playlist.

Why Choose Music Karaoke Apps

For those who want to learn spoken English and the nuances in pronouncing words easily, these apps can come in handy. The good thing is that, they can also share their progress online on their social media accounts. This not only encourages English learners to perform better but also receive a lot of positive criticism from friends and family.

The song selection on the apps are usually popular music, that you can choose from, a large library. What’s more, is the collaboration you can have with friends and family when you sing the songs. The words of the song appear on the screen and the background music plays, which users can sing along to.

How to Choose the Right Songs to Learn English

Learning English from these songs can be easy with enough effort. Part of the effort is to choose the right songs. Rather than choosing songs that are just appealing, start with choosing songs that are simple and is easy to pronounce. Let the song play once and try and read the words that are on screen. If you feel that the lyrics are difficult to pronounce, then change the song and choose an easier one. Perhaps you can even choose to say a movie dialogue to start with to keep things simple for you. Playing back what you perform in front of your phone camera is a great way to see how well you are doing.

There Is Nothing Childish About Your Selection

Nursery rhymes are also available on the playlist. It may be ridiculous to start with rhymes, but your intention of learning English will be satisfied if you start small. The other way you can choose a song is by listening to the radio and finding a song that appeals to you. Search up the song on the app database and attempt to sing it. You can listen to the song on YouTube a few times, before you begin your performance to make sure you do better. The apps also work best when you use a good pair of earphones while singing along to the lyrics on screen.

Once you have completed your performance you can share the video on social media or with your close friends and family to support you. Your journey in learning anything is always better when you have a support system or fellow learners. Together mastering the English language through music and singing can be rewarding. While learning English, you can also showcase your talent in music and performing skills and gain a great following; thanks to apps and social media intergrations.

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