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Multi Language Musicians That Can Help You Improve In A Second Language

As we’ve mentioned before, music and lyrics can help you to become even more familiar with a second language, building on the lessons learned through classes or online training. The main benefits of listening to songs in your chosen second language are that you will pick up on the natural rhythm of words and phrases, […]

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How Foreign Students Can Learn English Through Lyrics

Speaking and understanding English is an important skill to master for a student in an English-speaking country. Foreign students find it tough to even make friends or socialize with the natives because of the language barrier. This is where music and lyrics can help. Active listening skills and being able to tell the difference in […]

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Learning the Proper Use of Punctuations with the Punctuation Song

Speaking and learning English by pausing and stopping at the right places to take a breath is vital. While punctuation is thought to play an important role when writing English, it can also help in effectively communicating the message through speech. The punctuation song is perfect to understand how and when punctuation marks should be […]

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Learning English Metaphors from Song

Watching a popular music video by a top artist and learning English vocabulary is an effective way to retain knowledge. Simply turning on the radio and singing along to popular songs while reading lyrics can drive your vocabulary up a notch. There are words and phrases that are used in both the poetic sense as […]

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How Music And Lyrics Can Help You Learn English

You don’t have to be uniquely talented to know the ‘universal’ language of music. The rhythm and rhyme that accompanies a music piece is what humans are conditioned to understand from infancy. Using music to learn the English language is a nifty way to fun-learning experiences. Popular (Pop) music has a positive impact on culture […]

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