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Helping Children Learn English Through Lyrics

Children find it very easy to learn any language. The linguistic capabilities of children are much higher than adults. Their cognitive and early learning developmental skills are tuned to grasp anything. Their ability is the reason why children can adapt to a new country or a new language setting easier than adults. Parents who want […]

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Top Websites That Use Lyrics To Teach English

Many professional English teachers use music to teach English in the classroom. Music is a universal tongue that brings together people of different races and ethnicities. Learning English through music can seem like an easy task. However, without the right tools and a structured plan, the learning curve would be very skewed. The first thing […]

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Multi Language Musicians That Can Help You Improve In A Second Language

As we’ve mentioned before, music and lyrics can help you to become even more familiar with a second language, building on the lessons learned through classes or online training. The main benefits of listening to songs in your chosen second language are that you will pick up on the natural rhythm of words and phrases, […]

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Singing Impressions to Learn Accents and Pronunciation

English spoken in the United Kingdom sounds a lot different than the English that the American speak. The same goes for any country where English is spoken as the official language. The different English accents are a way you can identify where the person originates from. Learning English to fit an accent is tricky. If […]

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How Foreign Students Can Learn English Through Lyrics

Speaking and understanding English is an important skill to master for a student in an English-speaking country. Foreign students find it tough to even make friends or socialize with the natives because of the language barrier. This is where music and lyrics can help. Active listening skills and being able to tell the difference in […]

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How Music And Lyrics Can Help You Learn English

You don’t have to be uniquely talented to know the ‘universal’ language of music. The rhythm and rhyme that accompanies a music piece is what humans are conditioned to understand from infancy. Using music to learn the English language is a nifty way to fun-learning experiences. Popular (Pop) music has a positive impact on culture […]

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