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Learn Family Relationship Names in English Through Songs

When conversing in English, there are times when the conversation gets personal. Times like these, you would have to talk about your immediate or extended family members to the person you are conversing with. Lyrics for songs that teach you about your family members are easy to come by. However, you will need to combine […]

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Using Songs to Learn The Days of The Week in English

The days of the week is one the first and most important words to know when learning English. The lyrics of the songs are easy to learn and understand because of the rhythm and rhyme format, in songs. Most of the songs that teach the days of the week are created for children. Therefore, adults […]

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Rap Music’s Influence on English Vocabulary, Grammer and Fluency

Incorporating music into English learning lessons is a modern and more effective way to learn the language. Different genres of music can be used to learn the language. Rap music’s quick pace and unique vocabulary is wonderful for those learners who wish to learn slang and sound like a local when conversing with other English […]

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Learning Strategy: Action Songs Vs Vocal Songs

Music and rhyme have a very powerful way of influencing learners. Anyone can learn any language or even remember boring numbers and nonsensical terms, through music and song. For someone, who wants to learn music through song and lyrics, there are different ways they can learn the song like writing, listening, sing-along etc. To be […]

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Singing Impressions to Learn Accents and Pronunciation

English spoken in the United Kingdom sounds a lot different than the English that the American speak. The same goes for any country where English is spoken as the official language. The different English accents are a way you can identify where the person originates from. Learning English to fit an accent is tricky. If […]

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