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Rap Music’s Influence on English Vocabulary, Grammer and Fluency

Incorporating music into English learning lessons is a modern and more effective way to learn the language. Different genres of music can be used to learn the language. Rap music’s quick pace and unique vocabulary is wonderful for those learners who wish to learn slang and sound like a local when conversing with other English […]

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Learning Strategy: Action Songs Vs Vocal Songs

Music and rhyme have a very powerful way of influencing learners. Anyone can learn any language or even remember boring numbers and nonsensical terms, through music and song. For someone, who wants to learn music through song and lyrics, there are different ways they can learn the song like writing, listening, sing-along etc. To be […]

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Top Websites That Use Lyrics To Teach English

Many professional English teachers use music to teach English in the classroom. Music is a universal tongue that brings together people of different races and ethnicities. Learning English through music can seem like an easy task. However, without the right tools and a structured plan, the learning curve would be very skewed. The first thing […]

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Dubsmash, Musically and Smule Apps as English Learning Tools

Thousands of apps are being created every day, for both iOS and Android devices. Music being one of the most popular form of entertainment, has hogged the attention of app creators. When combining social media, music and mobile apps, users can showcase their talents. In recent years, there has been a remarkable rise in the […]

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Multi Language Musicians That Can Help You Improve In A Second Language

As we’ve mentioned before, music and lyrics can help you to become even more familiar with a second language, building on the lessons learned through classes or online training. The main benefits of listening to songs in your chosen second language are that you will pick up on the natural rhythm of words and phrases, […]

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